Safety (Child Care Centre Parent's Guide)


Children should wear weather appropriate clothing that is casual and comfortable. Some items of clothing can be a potential safety hazard. During winter, scarves and mittens with strings are not allowed. Provide a full change of clothing marked with your child's name on it as clothing can become wet or soiled during normal play routines. We are not responsible for any items that are lost or misplaced.


Proper fitting shoes are important for your child to play safely in our program. Running shoes are the recommended footwear in our centres.

Sun Safety

Centre activities include outside play. We ask that you apply sunscreen to your child prior to their arrival. Sun hats with a brim are also recommended to protect your child from the sun's harmful rays.


Centre staff will advise you of any accidents that result in a minor injury to your child. We will ask you to review an accident report and sign it, indicating that you have been made aware.

Serious Occurrences

In case of serious injury, we have an obligation to report the injury to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Serious occurrence is defined as any injury requiring medical attention.

Duty to Report

Under the Day Nurseries Act, our staff are obligated to report any suspected child abuse to Family and Children's Services of Niagara.


Where custodial arrangements are in place, the custodian must provide all relevant legal documentation to the Supervisor regarding the conditions of custody. If no custodial arrangements are in place, we are obligated by the Courts of Justice Act to provide access to your child.

Drop-off and Pick-up

If someone else is picking up your child, let staff know who that individual will be. We will not release children to someone you have not identified on your registration form. We will not release your child to someone who is under the age of 16, without your written consent. Anyone picking up your child must provide photo identification.

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