Program and Routine (Child Care Centre Parent's Guide)

Our child care centres offer high quality programs where each child is an active participant in their environment. We view learning as a process, where children grow and develop by exploring, interacting and problem-solving.

The goal of our programs is to foster independence, trust, confidence and positive self-esteem for each child.

Guiding Children's Behaviour

We believe that children respond best to positive direction, encouraging language and tone of voice from adults. Educators build positive relationships with children by:

  • Praising and encouraging positive behaviour
  • Teaching children new skills
  • Setting rules that are consistent and fair, adjusting expectations to the child's developmental level
  • Responding to inappropriate behaviour immediately by using positive guidance strategies (e.g. modelling appropriate behaviour, redirection, ignoring, offering choices, and learning from natural consequences)

DISC Preschool Screen

Children in our centres are screened using the DPS tool, which determines if children are developing appropriate to their age. It helps staff identify children who may be in need of extra support for healthy development. The screening is performed with your signed consent.

Daily Physical Activity

Each of our centres deliver a Daily Physical Activity program where children are led through a series of age-appropriate exercises for about ten minutes each day. Promoting exercise at a young age helps control weight, strengthens muscles and bones and can help children as they get older to choose a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise.


Our menus are based on Canada's Food Guide and promote healthy eating from an early-age. Alternatives are available for children with special diets.


Toileting doesn't happen quickly for some children and can be stressful. Work with our staff to develop an action plan for your child.


You are required to provide diapers and wipes, labelled with your child's name.


Nap time occurs immediately after lunch. Children tend to rest better when they bring a favourite comfort item from home, such as a small stuffed animal. You are welcome to provide a small blanket for your child to keep at the centre and use during nap time.

Field Trips and Walks

Staff often take children on neighbourhood walks and occasionally outside of the community. You will be notified of any field trips.

Video Recording/Pictures

Staff frequently use a camera to capture the wonderful moments that your child has. In addition, video recording may occur for staff training or promotional purposes. You must provide consent for your child to be photographed or recorded.

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