Early Childhood Educators

What does a registered early childhood educator do?

  • Assesses children's developmental needs and stages in all developmental domains
  • Designs curriculum to address children's identified needs, stages of development and interests
  • Plans programs and environments for play and activities that help children make developmental progress
  • Maintains healthy emotional and social learning contexts for children;
  • Reports to parents and supervisors on children's developmental progress within healthy, safe, nurturing and challenging play environments.

Where do registered early childhood educators work?

Early childhood educators work in a variety of settings including:

  • infant, toddler and preschool (including child care and nursery school) programs
  • before- and after- school programs
  • kindergartens and primary grade classrooms
  • special education and intervention programs
  • Ontario Early Years Centres
  • Head Start programs, family supports
  • home child care programs
  • parent/child/caregiver drop-in programs
  • pediatric playrooms and other health care settings

Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

The College of Early Childhood Educators developed a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice which outlines the professional expectations and requirements for Registered Early Childhood Educators in Ontario. Niagara Region Children’s Services strives to ensure that our child care operations and related policies align with the Code and Standards.

We developed a template using the Code and Standards to vet, align and in some instances create new operational policies to ensure compliance. The template also includes the associated requirements of the Day Nurseries Act.

We encourage all child care service providers to use the template to ensure their Registered Early Childhood Educators are aware of and understand the expectations of their employer as they relate to the College’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and the Day Nurseries Act.

How do I become an early childhood educator?

Many Ontario colleges offer Early Childhood Educator programs, which are typically two-year diploma programs.

For more information, see the College of Early Childhood Educators.

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