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Community engagement is a crucial part of Niagara's planning for the future.

In spring 2017, a region-wide survey and community conversations were conducted with Niagara service providers, children, parents and caregivers asking for their feedback on the current programs, and suggestions for the future. We heard that the following features were important.

From Service Providers

  • Welcoming, family-focused and inclusive environment where all are welcome
  • Flexible hours of program delivery
  • Knowledgeable and trusted staff that support families coming to the centres
  • A variety of community partners to deliver programs at the centres
  • Adaptive programs that respond to ongoing feedback and community needs

From Children

  • Space that allows for physical activity, such as playing in a gym
  • Space for creative activities, such as colouring, making crafts and painting
  • Space to be with friends and people of different ages from infants to adults

From Parents and Caregivers

  • Welcoming centres that are:
    • Inclusive and non-judgmental
    • Safe places for children to play
    • Supported by qualified staff
  • Wide range of social activities, learning programs and resources
  • Flexible hours

We have been working with our community partners and service providers to ensure Niagara's plan is built on a solid, data-driven picture of the current state, as well as where we need to go in the future.

For more details on what we heard, read the EarlyON Child and Family Centres Plan.

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