Flu Activity in Niagara

The flu (influenza) is a highly contagious infection of the nose, throat and lungs caused by the influenza virus. It can be a serious illness for some people.

Niagara Region monitors the spread of flu and flu-like illnesses on an ongoing basis. During the months of September to April, influenza outbreak activity will be reported.

Most people infected with influenza don't get laboratory testing and so actual infection numbers are likely much higher. Your health care professional may or may not test you for influenza based on your level of risk. Only laboratory confirmed cases are reported to Public Health.

Flu activity surveillance information

Last updated on May 24, 2024

Occurrences from Sunday to Saturday of last week, updated every Friday

  • 0 Outbreaks declared or still active
  • 2 Total influenza A cases
  • 3 Total influenza B cases
  • 0 Total influenza A and B cases

Occurrences from September 2023

  • 26 Total number of influenza outbreaks
  • 1236 Total influenza cases
  • Number of influenza outbreaks declared or still active during this week:
  • Total number of influenza outbreaks for October 2021 - April 2022:

Ontario and Canada's influenza activity

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