Vaccinations Offered at Schools

In situations where buses are cancelled or schools are closed, school vaccination clinics will also be cancelled.

Vaccines received at a school clinic don't need to be reported to Public Health. Find out what vaccines your child needs to attend school.

Age of Vaccination Consent

Under the Health Care Consent Act, be advised that there is no minimum age to provide consent. This means that your child can consent to be vaccinated without parental consent.

  • Health Care Consent Act

    This act sets out certain rules on when consent is needed for treatment and how it must be obtained.

    Vaccination is considered a treatment and requires consent. The consent must:

    • Relate to the treatment being proposed
    • Be informed
    • Be voluntary, and not have been obtained through misrepresentation or fraud
  • Individuals who can give consent

    A person is capable of giving consent to vaccination if they:

    • Understand the information that's important to making a decision concerning vaccination, and
    • Understand the consequences of a decision or lack of a decision
  • Informed consent

    Consent is informed, if before giving it:

    • The person received information about the proposed treatment in the manner that any person in the same circumstances would require in order to make a decision, and
    • The person received answers to their request for additional information about the proposed treatment

    For more information, contact the Vaccine Team.

Grade 7 Students

Hepatitis B, Meningococcal and HPV vaccinations are available for Grade 7 children starting in the fall.

High School Students

Public Health offers vaccination clinics in high schools across Niagara between January and March each year. These clinics are for secondary students who have received an Order for Suspension pursuant to the Immunization of School Pupils Act.

All clinics are held in the morning.

Students can only go to a clinic at the high school they attend. If a student is immunized at a high school clinic, no further action is required.

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