Cost of Healthy Food

Current cost of nutritious foods in Niagara, compared to all of Ontario. The foods selected are usual items that families often buy, not including personal and household care items.

The assessment is based on Health Canada's criteria for their Nutritious Food Basket program.

Nutritious Food Basket Data 2009-2014*

Weekly cost of healthy eating for a typical family of four, consisting of a mother and father (both aged 31-50), daughter (aged 4-8) and son (aged 14-18).

Year**Niagara regionOntario
2009 $167.74 $168.50
2010 $168.70 $169.17
2011 $180.82 $177.83
2012 $186.84 $183.10
2013 $190.15 $187.03
2014 $196.27 $195.40

* Comparing different health units is inappropriate as the mix of stores and the approach of store selection may be quite different between health units. However north and south regional comparisons are appropriate because 1) a large group exists in the south; and 2) the likelihood exists that northern health units have similarities in geographic and environmental conditions.

** It is inappropriate to compare any years before 2009 to years following 2009 as the NFB list of foods was changed in 2008.

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