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Population and Demographics

Niagara's Village of 100

To help us better understand Niagara's population, we have envisioned our community as a village of 100 people.


If Niagara had 100 people...

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If Niagara was a village of 100 people...

21 would be 0 - 19 years old
23 would be 20 - 39 years old
35 would be 40 - 64 years old
21 would be 65+ years old
48 would be male
52 would be female
The median age would be 46 years


After taxes, the median family income would be $72,105
After taxes, the median family income for single parents would be $46,684

Immigration Status

82 were born in Canada
17 have immigrated to Niagara
1 are a non-permanent resident

Shelter Costs

1 in 4 families would spend 30% or more of their income on shelter costs

Visible Minorities

The most common visible minorities are:
1. Black
2. South Asian
3. Chinese

If Niagara was a village of people only 15 years and older...


51 would have a post-secondary degree, diploma
31 would have a high school diploma
18 would have less than high school

Marital Status

57 would be married or common-law
26 would be single
17 would be separated, divorced or widowed


93 would be employed
7 would be unemployed

Labour Force Occupations


Source: Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of the Population.

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