Health Statistics for Niagara

Health Statistics for Niagara

A collection of statistics on health
topics and progress status for program
and service delivery

This information can be applied to your planning of programs and services and serve as a window to public health's efforts in achieving a healthier Niagara.


Incidence and mortality rates for males, females and Niagara

Child Health

Developmental readiness for school and oral health data

Infectious Diseases

Respiratory, food, waterborne, bloodborne, vaccine preventable and vectorborne trends


Falls, assault, motor vehicle collisions, self-harm and concussions trends and data

Maternal and Newborn Health

Maternal characteristics and infant feeding data

Mental Health

Mental health, stress, and life satisfaction data

Nutrition, Activity and Weight

Nutrition, physical activity and healthy weights data


Opioid and naloxone use trends and data

Substance Use

Alcohol, tobacco and cannabis consumption trends and data

Health Surveys

Get information about health surveys that Niagara Region is involved in

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