Youth Mental Health - Statistics in Niagara

Self-Rated Mental Health

In Niagara, 32.1.% of grade 7/8 students and 22.0% of secondary students considered their mental health to be excellent. This is not significantly different than students across Ontario.

How Students Rate their Mental Health

Grade 7/8
Grade 7/8
Excellent 32.1% 29.5% 22.0% 20.4%
Very good 39.3% 40.5% 29.9% 35.2%
Good 15.2% 19.4% 26.1% 25.5%
Fair to poor 13.4% 10.6% 21.9% 18.9%
Source: Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey, 2015.


In Niagara, the most popular form of gambling is buying lottery tickets (other than sports lottery tickets); with 8.7% of secondary students doing this in the past year.


In Niagara, 17.0% of secondary students have seriously considered suicide. This is not significantly different than the per cent of students in Ontario who have seriously considered suicide.

The per cent of students in Niagara who actually attempt suicide cannot be reported due to low numbers.

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