Child Health - Statistics in Niagara

Unlike any other time in a child's life, the early years are an especially important stage to build healthy brains. Healthy development during this time sets the stage for people to lead flourishing lives - socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

In Niagara, data has been collected on these indicators of child health:

Students' Physical Health

Students taking part in the Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey were asked how they would rate their physical health.

In total, 54.7% of students said that there health was very good or excellent. This is not significantly different than the per cent in Ontario.

How Students Rate their Overall Physical Health
Self-rated Physical Health Niagara Ontario
Excellent 19.7% 17.1%
Very good 35.0% 32.0%
Good 31.6% 32.8%
Fair to poor 13.7% 18.0%
Source: OSDUHS, 2011.
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