Alcohol Consumption - Statistics in Niagara

From 2005 to 2010, Niagara has consistently had a higher percentage of the population consume alcohol compared to Ontario.

The difference between the two percentages is significant. Most recently, Niagara has 80.5% of the population ages 12 and over consuming alcohol on a regular or occasional basis, while Ontario has 72.8% of the population consuming alcohol (2009-2010).

Regular alcohol drinkers are those who drink alcohol at least once a month. Occasional drinkers drink alcoholic beverages less than once a month.

Population Ages 12 and over, who Consume Alcohol on a Regular or Occasional Basis in Niagara and Ontario

Data has been age standardized based on 1991 Canadian Census.
* Significant difference between Niagara and Ontario
Source: Canadian Community Health Survey, Statistics Canada, Share File, Ontario MOHLTC.

Alcohol Consumption Statistics

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