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Head Lice Information for Schools

School staff can be proactive in tackling head lice.

Principal's Role

  • Provide head lice information in newsletters and at parent events. This can be provided by the school nurse.
  • Have a staff person contact the caregiver if a child is found to have head lice
  • Have a trained person or volunteer team available to check students for head lice when they return after head lice treatment

Teacher's Role

  • Watch for symptoms of head lice
  • Have a trained person check a student if head lice is suspected
  • When head lice is found in the class, send home an alert note with classmates and encourage families to do a head lice check
  • Talk to students about head lice and prevention
  • Promote practices that prevent the spread of head lice, e.g. no sharing hats, combs or brushes
  • Do your best to make a student with head lice feel comfortable and valued

Public Health Nurse's Role

  • Educate and consult school staff, caregivers and students
  • At principal's request, train volunteers to do head lice checks at the school

For more information:

Call Public Health at 905-688-8248 or 1-888-505-6074 ext. 7379.

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