Teaching Tool - Active School Travel (Grade 4)

This presentation teaches students about safe practices related to road and off-road activities.

Learning goals

  • I will know the importance of pedestrian safety, wheel safety and rules of the road
  • I will keep safe in active school travel by following road safety rules and road signs

Core knowledge content

Core knowledge content provides the teacher with the background information needed to prepare and teach this health class.

Ontario curriculum expectations

Grades 1-8: Health and Physical Education (2019)

  • D2.2 apply a decision-making process to assess risks and make safe decisions in a variety of situations. This specific expectation is also connected with the social emotional learning expectations A1.2 Coping and 1.6 Thinking.

Learning activities

Pedestrian safety

  • Blue the Butterfly (video length 21:27) - Blue shares tips to be safe on your walk to school. Developed by Niagara Student Transportation Services, Niagara Region and Intertain.

Building a case

Bike traffic signs and hand signals

Differing abilities

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