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Social-emotional learning resources

Social-Emotional Learning teaches social-emotional learning and reinforces skills in daily school life that have a positive impact on academic achievement and students’ social, behavioural and emotional wellness.

ACEs training module for educators: The Community Resilience Coalition offers online training opportunities to better understand adverse childhood experiences, their effects, and actions that can be taken to prevent and reduce the effects of adverse childhood experiences and promote resilience. Educators are encouraged to take the Promoting Mentally Healthy Schools and Resilience module, which highlights information and strategies to support mentally healthy schools and promote resilience among students.

Daily mental health resource: This resource has easy-to-implement, evidence-informed mental health practices for elementary teachers. There are six skill categories (critical and creative thinking, healthy relationship skills, identification and management of emotions, positive motivation and perseverance, self-awareness and sense of identity, and stress management and coping). Under each category, there are social-emotional learning - specific practices with lesson plans attached that teachers can use to model and teach social-emotional learning skills, as well as create and sustain mentally healthy classrooms.

Heart-mind online: This website provides evidence-informed knowledge, insight and resources that support educators in responding to the social and emotional learning needs of students. The activities and lesson plans support social and emotional learning with students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Themes include anger, anxiety, conflict resolution, confidence, empathy, resilience and self-regulation.

Social-emotional learning resources: This website provides many social-emotional learning resources that are intended to enhance day-to-day practices, in the classroom, within the school, and with your students and colleagues.

Four strategies for the transition back to in-person learning: This website offers strategies for the transition back to in-person learning and how educators can support students' and families' mental health and well-being during the challenging time.

Mental health and wellness guides

Supplementary Canadian resources that enhance educators' understandings of mental health literacy.

Can we talk: This resource contains multiple lesson plans that teachers can work through with students in connection to various mental health topics, such as defining stigma. The lessons contain discussion questions that the teacher can use for the whole class or individual responses.

Mentally Healthy Back to School Support Package: A practical, evidence-based resource to promote and protect students' mental health at school. This website has lesson plans, classroom-ready resources, learning opportunities, as well as additional resources that were prepared for educators to use in support of mental health.

Ever active - "grab and go" activity resource booklet: This activity resource booklet includes several printable resources and activities that support mental health and wellness.

Growing up resilient - ways to build resilience in children and youth: This is an in-depth resource that provides key information regarding ways to build resilience in children and youth.

Have THAT talk: This resource was developed to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in all areas of our lives. There are videos and activity guides to learn how to take action to reduce stigma, increase support and encourage people to get help sooner.

Jack.org COVID-19 hub: A hub of resources to help students to take care of themselves and others during this challenging time. Jack.org, School Mental Health Ontario and Kids Help Phone have partnered to bring information needed in one easy-to-access hub. Communities can easily access the education, tools, support and reliable information they need.

Teach resiliency: This website was designed to support educators' journey towards engagement and energy at school and building a healthy future for their students. There are resources and tools that focus on healthy spaces, promoting belonging, building resilience, and mental health literacy.

Toolkit | Bell Let's Talk: This toolkit was designed by Bell to create positive change and help spread the word about mental health. Included is a conversation guide and helpful templates that can be used in schools, communities and / or workplaces when discussing the topic of mental health and wellness.

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