Teaching Tool - Body Parts and Hygienic Procedures (Grade 1)

These resources teach students about the different body parts everyone has. They teach hygienic processes that are important for protecting your own health.

Learning goals

  • I will identify the different body parts that people are born with
  • I will learn how germs can make people sick
  • I will describe how skin protects the body from germs
  • I will learn about hygienic procedures that will help to keep me clean

Ontario curriculum expectations

Grades 1-8: Health and Physical Education (2019)

  • D1.3 identify body parts, including genitalia, using correct terminology and body-positive language. This expectation is also connected to the social-emotional learning expectation A1.5 Self.
  • D2.5 demonstrate an understanding of and apply proper hygienic procedures for protecting their own health and preventing the transmission of disease to others.

Supplementary resources

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