Teaching Tool - Sexually Transmitted Infections

This presentation teaches students about the risks of sexual activity, including sexually transmitted infections, and approaches for preventing sexually transmitted infections.

Target audience: students in Grades 7
Length of core content presentation: 55 minutes

Criteria Met

Grade Ontario Curriculum Codes
7 Grades 1-8: Health and Physical Education (2019) D1.4


In delivering this presentation, the teacher will:

  • Create an environment in which students feel comfortable discussing sexual health including sexually transmitted infections
  • Provide opportunities for students to think critically about decision-making relating to sexual activity to promote sexual health


By the end of this presentation, students will:

  • Identify the risks of engaging in sexual activity
  • Identify various sexually transmitted infections, including their symptoms, effects and treatments
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various practices and strategies for preventing sexually transmitted infections

Core Knowledge Content

Core knowledge content provides the teacher with the background information needed to prepare and teach this health class.

Learning Activities

  • Sexually transmitted infections (essential)
    Time: 40 minutes



    • Remind students that in the previous lesson they learned about the qualities of healthy relationships and how to make good choices for their health. Inform them that today they will continue learning about sexual health, specifically about the risks of sexual activity so that they can make responsible and informed choices.
    • Cue the PowerPoint presentation
    • Deliver the content using notes and prompts in the presentation
    • Note: The next activity (What's the risk?) begins on slide 25 of this presentation. If not proceeding immediately to the next activity, stop the presentation on the Questions? slide.
    • Once on the Questions? slide, ask students if they have any questions about what they have learned in this or the previous class


    • Follow the presentation immediately with the What's the risk? activity. Hide the Questions? slide and proceed using the instructions for the next activity.
    • If desired, consult with the school health nurse to address difficult questions or to arrange a questions and answer session for the class with the nurse
  • What's the risk? (essential)
    Time: 15 minutes



    • Cue What's the Risk? slide on PowerPoint and begin slideshow (if not already started)
    • Divide the class into 2 teams
    • Have one student from each team come up to front of class to face off and answer a question
    • The first student to buzz in (hands on head or raise hand in air) will have the opportunity to answer the question
      • If the student answers correctly, his or her team will earn a point
      • If the student answers incorrectly, the other team will get the chance to answer and, if correct, they will earn the points
      • If neither team answers correctly, no points will be awarded
      • Supplement or clarify information as needed, using the notes in the PowerPoint presentation and/or information in the Core Knowledge Content of this Teaching Tool
    • Have a new student from each team come up and answer the next question
    • Repeat the process until there are no questions left
    • Wrap up the activity by reminding students that their choices have consequences and that knowing about the risks can help empower them to make healthy choices


    • Distribute stoplight cards to each team and have them use the stoplight cards to answer the questions. The first team to raise the correct stoplight card will earn a point.
    • This game can alternatively be played as a small group activity or in pairs
    • Quick Review: Whenever time permits (5-10 minutes), have students correctly identify the risk for as many of the behaviours as they can in the time available. This can be done by cueing the presentation or by printing the slides onto cards to be chosen at random.
  • Sexually transmitted infections worksheet
    Time: 15 minutes



    • Distribute a worksheet to each student
    • Inform them that there are three sections to the worksheet: one True or False section, one matching section, and one fill-in-the-blank section
    • Instruct them to select the single best response for each of the questions, reminding them that each answer can only be used once
    • Have students work individually to complete the worksheets
    • Collect the worksheets for formal assessment. Correct the worksheets using the answer sheet provided.


    • If not using for formal assessment, allow the students to complete the activity in pairs
      • Correct the worksheets as a whole class, rather than collecting them
      • Discuss the students' answers, supplementing or clarifying information, using the Core Knowledge Content as needed
    • Accommodate struggling readers by reading each statement or question aloud while students complete the worksheets

Consult Your School's Public Health Nurse

Your school's public health nurse can help you prepare for delivering this presentation and can assist you in developing engaging projects and extension activities. To reach your school's public health nurse, contact healthyschools@niagararegion.ca or 905-688-8248 ext. 7379.

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