Teaching Tool - Healthy Relationships

This presentation provides students with an understanding of factors that contribute to healthy relationships and the ability to apply health knowledge and living skills to make reasoned decisions.

Target audience: students in Grades 9-12
Length of core content presentation: 60-70 minutes

Criteria Met

Ontario Curriculum: Grades 9-12, Health and Physical Education (2019)

Grade Ontario Curriculum Codes
9 Grades 9-12, Health and Physical Education (2019) 1.3, 1.5, C2.2, C2.3
10 Grades 9-12, Health and Physical Education (2019) 1.3, 1.5, C2.5, C3.5
11 Grades 9-12, Health and Physical Education (2019) 1.3, 1.5, C3.4
12 Grades 9-12, Health and Physical Education (2019)

1.3, 1.5, C1.3


In delivering this presentation, the teacher will:

  • Provide health information and living skills that promote healthy relationships


By the end of this presentation, students will:

  • Recognize factors that constitute a healthy relationship
  • Identify signs of unhealthy relationships
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the skills and strategies needed to build healthy social and romantic relationships
  • Recognize and protect themselves from unhealthy relationships and dating abuse
  • Recognize when more information or help is needed and how to access school or community supports

Core Knowledge Content

Core knowledge content provides the teacher with the background information needed to prepare and teach this health class.

Learning Activities

Consult Your School's Public Health Nurse

Your school's public health nurse can help you prepare for delivering this presentation and can assist you in developing engaging projects and extension activities. To reach your school's public health nurse, contact healthyschools@niagararegion.ca or 905-688-8248 ext. 7379.

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