Teaching Tool - Contraception

This presentation teaches students about the usage and effectiveness of common contraceptives.

Target audience: Students in Grades 9-12
Length of core content presentation: 60-70 minutes

Criteria Met

Ontario Curriculum: Grades 9-12, Health and Physical Education (2019)

Grade Ontario Curriculum Codes
9 Health and Physical Education (2015) 1.1, C1.4, C2.2, C2.3
10 Health and Physical Education (2015) 1.1, C2.5
11 Health and Physical Education (2015) 1.1, C2.3
12 Health and Physical Education (2015) 1.1, C1.3


In delivering this presentation, the teacher will:

  • Encourage healthy sexual growth and development by providing students with accurate information about contraceptive methods
  • Provide health information and living skills that promote healthy decisions and actions regarding sexual health


By the end of this presentation, students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Gain a clear understanding of sexual consent
  • Gain an understanding of the advantages of postponing their first sexual experience
  • Be able to identify signs of sexual readiness
  • Understand the usage and effectiveness of common contraceptives
  • Be able to identify community resources and supports (such as Niagara Region Sexual Health Centres, school public health nurse)

Core Knowledge Content

Core knowledge content provides the teacher with the background information needed to prepare and teach this health class.

Learning Activities

  • Contraception (essential)



    • Inform students that today they will be learning contraception so that they can make responsible and informed choices regarding their sexual health
    • Deliver PowerPoint presentation, using prompts in presentation notes to conduct discussion throughout presentation, if desired


    • Complement teaching by using a Birth Control Teaching Kit (can be borrowed by contacting your school's public health nurse)
    • Add experiential learning by playing the condom game. Students work together to learn how to correctly use a condom. Teaching sexual health - condom game
    • Ask your school's public health nurse to summarize content with an interactive Kahoot game and Q & A session
  • Condom Game


    • Time: Approx. 60 minutes (question box can be used in separate lesson if needed)
    • Two or more sets of cards with statements related to condom use
    • Question Box


    • Review any ground rules with class before beginning
    • Divide class into two or more teams, and give each team a set of cards
    • Have each person on the team take a card. Some students may have more than one card
    • Have each person read aloud their card to the group
    • As a team, the group will decide which card statement is the first step in condom use. The person holding that card begins to form a line. (Note: If students have more than one card, the team may lay them out on the ground, a table or tape them to the wall instead)
    • The group then decides which card goes next. The person holding that card then takes the next place in line
    • This process continues, with each person lining up with the cards placing them in the correct order
    • The first group to have their cards in the correct order wins (Note: The order may change depending on group discussion)
    • Engage in a discussion with the students at the end, using the following talking points:
      • Use a new condom for every sex act and never use a condom twice
      • Store condoms at room temperature and out of direct sunlight
      • Using two male condoms together (double bagging) or vaginal and male condom together increases the risk of both condoms breaking
      • Use only water or silicone based lubricants as oil based lubricants will break the condom
      • Anyone can buy condoms and they are free at any Niagara Sexual Health Centre or from your School Nurse
      • Condom's provide good protection from STI's and pregnancy
    • Question Box: Have students ask or write out any questions they have and place in question box. Option to answer questions on a different day, or have School Nurse come in to class to help with questions and answers


    • This game can be played individually or in pairs by using small versions of the cards and laying them out on the table

    Condom Game Answer Key

    • Give consent to have sex
    • Buy or get a condom
    • Talk to partner about STI and pregnancy protection
    • Store condoms at room temperature away from direct sunlight
    • Check expiry date
    • Check for holes in packaging by giving condom a gentle squeeze
    • Check for writing on condom packaging saying that it provides STI/HIV protection
    • Slide condom to side of package and open carefully
    • Make sure the condom will go on right way (a crease can be seen between the condom and the roll)
    • Unroll the condom down to base of penis
    • Pinch the top of the condom
    • Right after ejaculation, hold the rim of the condom in place and withdraw penis from partner
    • Take condom off carefully to avoid spilling
    • Tie condom in a knot
    • Throw condom into garbage, not down the toilet

Consult Your School's Public Health Nurse

Your school's public health nurse can help you prepare for delivering this presentation and can assist you in developing engaging projects and extension activities. To reach your school's public health nurse, contact healthyschools@niagararegion.ca or 905-688-8248 ext. 7379.

These materials have been adapted from Condom Line-Up: Game Copyright (2017), Teaching Sexual Health, Alberta Health Services ("AHS") with the permission of AHS. AHS is not responsible for any inaccuracies in content differing from the content of the original English edition. All acts of copyright infringement including reproduction, translation, transmission, republication, and distribution of this material without written permission of Niagara Region Public Health and AHS are prohibited.

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