Teaching Tools

These teaching tools are designed for teachers to deliver health-related content in the classroom.

Each of these teaching tools contains:

  • Instructions
  • Materials for engaging learning activities
  • Background information for the teacher

The resources have been designed to satisfy expectations outlined in the Ontario Ministry of Education's Health and Physical Education curriculum (2015).

Resources will be added as they become available.

Grade Level Lesson Title
ELKP Hand-Washing and Germs
Grade 1 Hand-Washing and Germs
Grade 2 Hand-Washing and Germs
Grade 3 Hand-Washing and Germs
Be Smart, Don’t Start
Grade 4 Protect Your Head
Talking about Tobacco
Grade 5

Protect Your Head
Puberty - Class 1 - Overview
Puberty - Class 2 - Female Reproductive System
Puberty - Class 3 - Male Reproductive System

Grade 6

Protect Your Head
Be Drug-free
Puberty - Class 1 - Overview and Male Reproductive System
Puberty - Class 2 - Female Reproductive System and Fetal Development
Puberty - Class 3 (Optional) - Self-concept and Healthy Relationships

Grade 7 Healthy Relationships
What’s the Risk? (sexually transmitted infections)
Making Decisions about Sexual Health
Grade 8 Substance Misuse
Healthy Relationships
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Making Decisions about Sexual Health
Grade 9 Contraception
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Grade 11 Making the Choice to Becoming Pregnant
Pregnancy to Birth
Healthy Pregnancy
Postpartum Adjustment
The Newborn
Infant Safety

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