Referral to Telemedicine Consultation

Telemedicine is a service for adults and seniors experiencing mental health and addiction issues who would benefit from a psychiatric assessment.

Telemedicine Services

  • This service provides consultation appointments through confidential video conferencing between a client and psychiatrist
    • Watch a sample video of a consultation between a client suffering from mental health issues and a psychiatrist
  • After the consultation, family physicians and nurse practitioners will continue to provide ongoing care based on treatment recommendations from the psychiatrist

Refer a Patient

  • Family physician or nurse practitioner referral only
  • Forward any blood work done within the past six months (if available)

Make the Referral

You will receive a letter to confirm eligibility of your patient and acceptance into the program.

Other Options for Referral

ClientReferral toPhoneFax
18 - 64 years oldNiagara Region Mental Health, Telemedicine Program905-688-2854 ext. 7679905-684-9798
Fort Erie Residents (Fort Erie, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach)St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton for follow-up at the Douglas Memorial Hospital905-522-1155905-381-5601
Over 65 years or older adults with cognitive decline (dementia)St. Joseph's Niagara Geriatric Mental Health Outreach905-704-4068905-704-4072

Additional Information

Call 905-688-2854 ext. 7262 for more information (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - noon)

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