Triple P Schedule (Parents with Teenagers 12-16 Years Old)

Parents with teenagers aged 12-16 can sign-up for free parenting courses offered in one of several locations.

Topics Covered in the Teen (12-16 year old) Sessions

  • Providing a home that guides and supports teenagers as they strive to become independent, well-adjusted young adults
  • Helping teens to become skilled at making good personal decisions
  • Negotiating rules, responsibilities and privileges
  • Staying calm when inevitable conflicts arise
  • Being realistic: every teen and every parent will make mistakes
  • Taking care of yourself as a parent

To Register

  1. Select a location from the schedule below.
  2. Call or email the Parent Talk Line

Condensed Saturday Schedule

For parents unable to attend multiple evening classes, we are offering an alternative program on two back-to-back Saturday mornings.

Parents will learn the same principles of positive parenting and will also be introduced to the strategies that will help with common teen behaviours.

Niagara Region Headquarters
1815 Sir Isaac Brock Way
Oct. 19 - Oct. 26
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
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