Triple P Parenting Courses

Triple P teaches parents how to manage problems such as:

  • Toddler tantrums
  • Bedtime battles
  • Disobedience and/or aggression
  • Teenage rebellion
  • Self-esteem issues

Parents living in the Niagara area with children aged 2-16 can sign-up for free parenting courses.

Triple P Programs

Classroom Sessions

Note: If you are interested in Teen Triple P parenting sessions or French Triple P sessions, contact the Parent Talk Line for more information.

Each program is run by accredited Triple P instructors. The eight week program includes:

  • Five two-hour sessions (once per week)
  • Two 15-30 minute telephone calls (once per week) to talk about your individual progress
  • One final group session

The condensed Saturday program includes:

  • Two four-hour sessions
  • The same topics are covered in the eight week program

For more information on Triple P or additional parenting tips, visit Triple P Ontario.

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