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Feel more support from meeting new people and being supported by the PHN to ask questions and for further follow-up.

Stress has decreased because I became more knowledgeable about topics such as: solid food, managing a screaming/crying baby, choking etc...

I loved the fact that I had more social contacts. I enjoyed meeting other moms and the access to the nurse was invaluable.

I feel more confident now because I am more knowledgeable about topics such as introducing solids and understanding the need for early identification.

Stress relieving to know that others are going through the same challenges.

It was good to find out the rationale behind things and the resources are helpful. It's been helpful to not go through being a new parent alone.

I was able to find out about community resources and the program allowed me to meet new people. Especially helpful since I am not originally from Niagara.

Baby Talk classes are run by public health nurses throughout the year at locations across the Niagara area.

Parents and babies meet each week for four to five weeks discuss baby issues with the group.

Classes are free and you can register online.

Each class will be approximately two hours in length and will give you the opportunity to:

  • Share your experiences of being a new parent
  • Talk about how babies grow, learn, and play
  • Talk about safety, sleep, crying and feeding your baby
  • Learn about attachment and early brain development
  • Learn about community resources for you and your baby
  • Ask the Public Health Nurse questions you may have about your baby

Babies should be newborn to six months old.

See available course dates and sign-up online »

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