Niagara's Baby-Friendly Initiative Policy

Baby Friendly BreastfeedingPublic Health sees that breastmilk is the best food for healthy growing babies and children.

We support breastfeeding and are committed to helping you make the best possible and most informed decision about feeding your baby.

In order to do that we have a policy, that all staff must know and understand.

This policy is not only "Baby-Friendly" but is also “Family-Friendly”, as it will help support families in their feeding decisions.

Our Baby-Friendly Policy

  • Staff who give breastfeeding advice have special training
  • All families will be given up-to-date information about feeding
  • All families who access prenatal services get information about managing breastfeeding and have the opportunity to discuss their feeding plans with knowledgeable staff
  • Public health nurses work with hospital staff to promote breastfeeding, skin to skin contact and informed decision making, as well as work towards consistent messaging within the hospital and community
  • That you receive the help you need to exclusively breastfeed for six months
    • Someone will contact you within 48 hours of you leaving the hospital to see how breastfeeding is going
    • Breastfeeding help is available through our Breastfeeding Clinics five days a week
    • The Parent Talk Line is available if you have breastfeeding questions or concerns 905-688-8248 and 1-888-505-6074 ext. 7555
  • You are aware of your right to breastfeed in all public places, Niagara Region Public Health encourages breastfeeding on its premises and in public. A place where you can breastfeed or express in private is available if requested.
  • By ensuring that if you decide to formula feed you will get individual instruction on how to safely prepare, feed and store infant formula
  • All staff and families that enter Public Health are protected from the commercial pressures of formula advertising

This policy is communicated to staff routinely and presented during the orientation process at Niagara Region Public Health.

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