Pizza House Inspection Results

Inspection Results - Posted for one year

April 10, 2017
Routine Inspection

Not in Compliance
Wiping cloths are properly handled (ie: with sanitizer)
A chemical sanitizer must be provided for use with wiping cloths that are used to clean and sanitize surfaces.
Not in Compliance
Food preparation surfaces are properly constructed
All surfaces including cutting boards that are used to prepare food must be made of a readily cleanable and non-absorbent material.
Not in Compliance
Food preparation surfaces are properly cleaned and sanitized after use
Surfaces and utensils must be sanitized between preparing raw and ready-to-eat foods.
Not in Compliance
Building interior is well-maintained
Walls, floors and ceilings are to be maintained and in good repair.
Actions Taken By Inspector
Consultation / Technical Assistance
Instructions are given to the owner/operator to assist them with taking the proper actions to meet regulations.

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