YMCA - College Street School Inspection Results

Inspection Results - Posted for one year

Dec. 21, 2016
Routine Inspection

Not in Compliance
Thermometers are present in fridges and freezers
All cold holding units used to store hazardous foods must be provided with an accurate indicating thermometer that can be easily read.
Not in Compliance
Employees' hair is confined
All food handlers must have their hair confined. (e.g. hat or hairnet).
Not in Compliance
Manual dishwashing is done properly
Wash, rinse, sanitize technique. Dishes and utensils must be washed in a 2 or 3 compartment sink. Dishes must be washed, rinsed and sanitized.
Not in Compliance
Sanitizer test kit available on-site
Sanitizer test strips are required for each chemical sanitizer used at the food premise.
Actions Taken By Inspector
Consultation / Technical Assistance
Instructions are given to the owner/operator to assist them with taking the proper actions to meet regulations.

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