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Health Equity

Fairness for Everyone

Every person should have an equal opportunity to achieve their optimal health regardless of social, economic and environmental conditions

Our vision is for a Niagara where everyone is empowered and has the opportunity to reach their full health potential. This means that you're able to be as healthy as possible and are free from barriers due to your race, ethnicity, financial or social status, age, ability level, where you live, where you were born, or any other reason.

This is known as health equity. Equity means we work towards making sure people get the supports, services and resources that are best for them. This is different than equality which is providing the same thing for everyone.

Where you live, work, play, learn and grow affects your health

Only about 25 per cent of the reason why you're sick is because of your access to quality health care. Around 75 per cent of your health is due to other factors in your life, including your gender, race, employment conditions, the quality of the air you breathe, or how much green space there is in your neighbourhood.

The differences in these factors lead to different health outcomes in groups of people. These patterns relate to the systems of power and the ways institutions and processes are organized. These systems and processes are made by people, and can be changed.

It's important for us to make changes and remove barriers so that everyone has the opportunity to be as healthy as possible.


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Health Equity Strategic Plan

This is the first report for the Health Equity Strategic Plan. It includes a summary of the background research, details of the goals, objectives and activities of the plan, along with a timeline.

Population and Demographics

Find out how Niagara would look if it was a village of 100 people.

Indigenous Engagement

Creating Our Way Forward: Recommendations for Improving Niagara Region Public Health and Emergency Services' Indigenous Engagement 2019 was written by Kelly Fran Davis in collaboration with local Indigenous organizations.

The report looks at gaps in current programs and services, explores how to improve collaboration between local Indigenous organizations and local health organizations, and provides actionable recommendations on how to implement the calls to action of Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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