Online COVID-19 Vaccination Reporting for Out of Province Records

All individuals are responsible for providing accurate, up-to-date vaccination information.

Submit this form if you have received a COVID-19 vaccination outside of Ontario or if you received one or more doses from a non-Ontario vaccine stock (such as Federal Stock used for correctional facilities, military groups, or embassies)

All information collected by this secure form is confidential and will not be shared. Public Health maintains COVID-19 immunization records for all residents in a provincial database system.

We will only accept out-of-province vaccine information from those who reside in Niagara. Any submissions received for clients who have an address outside of Niagara will not be processed.

Contact your local public health unit for direction on submitting proof of vaccination if you live outside of the Niagara Region.

If you feel that you have extenuating circumstances as a non niagara resident requiring your vaccine record to be uploaded into the Ontario Provincial Vaccine Database, call the COVID-19 Info-line.

This form is not for travel documentation purposes. If you are required to submit your COVID-19 vaccination records for travel purposes, visit ArriveCAN for more information.

All personal information / personal health information collected by this secure form is confidential and will only be used and disclosed for the purposes of administration of the program. Public Health maintains and facilitates COVID-19 immunization records for all residents in a provincial database system.

Keep your original immunization document

It is very important that you keep your original COVID-19 immunization record stored in a safe location with other valuable documents such as birth certificates, health cards and passports.

Vaccination record

If you have any question or concerns, and would like to talk to a public health professional, call the COVID-19 Info-line.

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If you choose to submit a valid Ontario health card number, you will have access to the province portal to print your QR code receipt. If you do not have an Ontario health card, you have the option of entering a Covid-ID, non-Ontario health card, passport or license number.

Non-Ontario health card, license and passport numbers cannot be used to access the provincial portal, these are used for identification purposes in the provincial vaccination database.

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Reporting Information

Proof of vaccination is required to report your out-of-province vaccine. Contact your health care provider who administered the COVID-19 vaccines to retrieve a copy of your vaccine record.

Vaccines administered in Canada

If your vaccine is received outside of Ontario but in Canada, proof of vaccine must be in the form of an enhanced vaccine certificate with a QR code. Consult with the relevant provincial or territorial website for information on how to obtain the enhanced certificate.

Vaccines administered outside of Canada

If your vaccine is received outside of Canada and you do not have access to a QR code from your home jurisdiction or country that can be successfully scanned by the Verify Ontario app you may show your own country's or jurisdiction's vaccine receipt(s) to prove that you are fully vaccinated and must show your valid non-Canadian passport or NEXUS card as ID.

At this time American Centers for Disease Control cards require additional proof of vaccination. Please contact the clinic who provided your vaccination and request additional proof of vaccination (such as, an enhanced certificate from the state where your record is from, scannable QR code, prescription receipt from the pharmacy, or an electronic document from the clinic or region where your record is from).

If you are a visitor and are planning an extended visit in Ontario (more than 30 days), you can present proof of vaccine receipts for verification and instructions on how to obtain an Ontario QR version of the vaccine certificate.

Photos of your vaccination record sheet

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If your proof of vaccination is contained on multiple photos or files, add a vaccine below to add a second photo or file with all the same information.

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You may be contacted by a hospital, local public health unit, or the Ministry of Health for purposes related to the COVID-19 vaccine (for example, to remind you of follow up appointments and to provide you with a record of immunization). You must consent to this to complete this form.

Personal Information and Privacy

Any personal information or personal health information submitted in writing will be collected, used and disclosed by members of Regional Council and Regional staff in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or the Personal Health Information Protection Act, where applicable.

Freedom of Information

Any information you share will be used only for the intended purpose for which it was provided. If you have any questions, email or call 905-980-6000 ext. 3779.

For questions about COVID-19 vaccination, call the COVID-19 Info-Line at 905-688-8248 or 1-888-505-6074, press 4.