COVID-19 - Niagara is under a provincewide stay-at-home order. Learn about the COVID-19 vaccination and service disruptions.

Your COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

If you've had another type of vaccine, wait 14 days before receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Thank you for booking an appointment! Getting vaccinated will protect you against severe COVID-19 illness and hospitalization.

At your appointment, you will be asked to provide consent. Read the Ministry of Health's Vaccine Information Sheet and this page so that you'll be ready to provide consent at your appointment.

Before you leave for your appointment

  • Plan to arrive five minutes before your appointment. Be prepared to wait in your car or outside if you arrive earlier.
  • Screen yourself for symptoms of COVID-19. If you're feeling unwell the day of your appointment, cancel and book a COVID-19 test.
  • Take any regular medication and eat meals as usual
  • Wear a loose-fitting top or a t-shirt
  • Dress for the weather, as you may need to wait outside

What to bring

  • The booking appointment confirmation number or QR booking code you received when you made your appointment
  • Your green health card. If you don't have a green health card, bring another government-issued photo identification.
  • A mask

For more information, visit the Ministry of Health's what you need to know before your COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

At the clinic

  • Step 1: Arrival - Don't try to line up outside or enter the clinic building more than five minutes before your appointment. You will be asked to return to your car or wait outside if you arrive earlier.
  • Step 2: Screening - Five minutes before your appointment, you can go to the entrance of the clinic building to be screened for COVID-19
  • Step 3: Appointment confirmation - A greeter will ask you for your booking confirmation number or QR code
  • Step 4: Check-in - You will be called to a registration desk where your green health card will be scanned
  • Step 5: Vaccination - You will be directed to a table to get your COVID-19 vaccination
  • Step 6: Waiting area - You will sit in our waiting area for 15 minutes after getting vaccinated. Sit on a chair that has papers on the seat. This means your chair has been cleaned and disinfected. Make sure the sticker you're given is visible. Don't put your coat or sweater on top of the sticker.
  • Step 7: Check-out - You will receive proof of vaccination that you can take with you.

Frequently asked questions

For questions about COVID-19 vaccination, call the COVID-19 Info-Line at 905-688-8248 or 1-888-505-6074, press 7.