Sparking Life Niagara Student Workout

Sparking Life Niagara uses aerobic activity for 20 minutes in the morning with shorter boosts of activity throughout the day.

The goal is to encourage students to be healthier and to improve their academic performance

Students Workout Throughout the Day

School boards and teachers were involved in selecting the schools and students to participate, based on scheduling, willingness to participate and likelihood of benefiting from the program.

Aerobic Physical Activity in Morning
Students start the day by doing at least 20 minutes of aerobic physical activity on treadmills, stationary bicycles and elliptical training machines


Target Heart Rate during Physical Activity

During the workout, students will target 65-85 per cent of their maximum heart rate. This means students can talk, but it's difficult to have a conversation.

Short Physical Activity "Boosts" throughout the Day
During the rest of the day, students will do a few short periods of aerobic physical activity to boost their mental focus using guided activity cards.

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