Start your own Sparking Life Program

Sparking Life Niagara programs can be implemented in many different environments including schools, colleges, universities and community groups.

Below is a step-by-step process you can use to start a Sparking Life Niagara program in your community.

1. Identify community need

Determine the need for the program in your community and identify obesity and youth physical activity rates

2. Engage your community

Begin communicating with relevant groups in your community such as school boards and local sport commissions

3. Establish a committee

  • Establish a team of advocates who will support the development of your program
  • Appoint a team leader (chair) for the committee
  • Determine roles and to what capacity each partner will be involved

4. Create a model

  • Base your program model on your community needs and target population
  • Download the toolkits and resources used in Sparking Life Niagara
  • Remember to consider the financial needs and the sustainability of the program model(s) you are considering

5. Secure Funding

Research grants and bursaries that may be available to fund your program and seek donations in your community (e.g. gently used exercise equipment)

6. Develop evaluation criteria

Identify key goals and performance metrics and how they will be anually measured.

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