Growing Better, Together

Niagara is growing.

The region is expecting to grow to a population of 694,000 people and 272,000 jobs by the year 2051.

Partnership and co-investment with other levels of government is essential to support this growth. We are ready to work together on solutions to ensure a thriving Niagara, now and in the future.

Learn about our priorities.


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Growing Better, Together


Growing infrastructure

Niagara is ready to invest in new infrastructure to support growth. A new wastewater treatment plant and upgraded sewer network will benefit the current and future communities in Niagara Falls, along with areas of St. Catharines, Thorold and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Learn about South Niagara Falls Wastewater Solutions

Growing housing

Niagara is ready to help build homes in Ontario. Our Consolidated Housing Master Plan and newly created Attainable Housing Office are preparing to guide Niagara to meet housing demands. With co-investment we have housing projects ready to build homes now.

Learn about Niagara's plan to build more homes

Growing healthy communities

Niagara continues to make significant investments in its Emergency Medical Services and has introduced a number of innovative programs to reduce the impacts of increasing call volumes. While these programs deliver high quality care to our residents, offload delays in Niagara continue to outpace other regions.

Learn about long-term solutions for offloading delays

Growing modern services

As a two-tier municipal government, the Region's collaborative partnership with our twelve local are municipalities ensures service delivery is efficient, accessible and takes into account the many voices that make up Niagara.

Learn how we're modernizing two-tier municipal services

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