Terms of Reference for the Long Term Care Task Force

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Background and Preamble

The Long Term Care Task Force (LTCTF) was established by direction of Regional Council on March 26th, 2015. The objective of the Task Force is to bring forth to Council a recommended service delivery method in order to address the needs for Long Term Care Home redevelopment. Specifically, the LTCTF is to focus on the redevelopment of three Long Term Care Homes (namely Upper Canada Lodge, Gilmore Lodge, and Linhaven).


The mandate of the LTCTF is to bring a recommendation to council in order to provide feedback, insights, and observations related to the findings and developments of the tasks within the steps under the Alternative Service Delivery (ASD) Review Process outlined in Report CAO 5-2015 and as set out below:

Step 1 - Initial Review

  1. Defining the Goal/Scope - Shape the focus of the project. It addresses the challenge(s) being faced from a capital and/or service perspective.
  2. Current State Analysis - Summarize the current state of the service area. This will include operational analysis, financial analysis, regulatory analysis, demand analysis, risk analysis, comparative analysis with other jurisdictions, as well as other items.
  3. ASD Framework - Use the ASD frameworks developed to undertake a preliminary review of the projects to assess the projects compatibility to ASD concepts and to determine initial options

Step 2 - Business Case Review

  1. Initial Business Case Development - Undertake further analysis for elements identified in Step 1 - Initial Review
  2. Preliminary Market Sounding - Seek input from market participants and others with in-depth experience to test the business case(s)
  3. Develop initial transaction theory - In this step, a potential approach or transaction theory would be developed


The membership of the LTCTF shall be comprised of the following:

  • One Regional Councillor from each community where the identified facilities are located (namely Fort Erie, Niagara-on-the-Lake and St. Catharines)
  • Two members from Regional Council at large
  • Three members from the public at large with specific industry knowledge can be nominated to the LTCTF
  • Five staff representatives from Corporate Services, Community Services and Organizational Performance

The Committee shall appoint, from membership, a Chair and Vice Chair at its first meeting.

There will be no compensation for LTCTF members who are employees of Niagara Region or members of Regional Council.


The LTCTF's term shall be concluded once its tasks are completed and a recommendation is made to Council, unless specifically requested by Council to undertake additional tasks.

It is anticipated that the work plan will be completed prior to January 31, 2016.


The Task Force shall hold meetings at the call of the Chair. It is anticipated that meetings will be held monthly but may change from time to time in order to meet the work plan to accomplish the tasks as outlined.

The venues for the meetings will vary and may include the attendance at long term care facilities as well as other appropriate locations.

Agenda and Minutes

Staff will prepare Committee meeting agendas with input from the Chair and Committee members.

Committee meeting minutes will be prepared by staff and forwarded to each Committee member at least five days prior to the meeting at which the minutes are to be adopted.

Reporting Structure

The LTCTF will report directly to Regional Council.


Meetings of the LTCTF are not public. Members should keep matters of the committee strictly confidential.

Roles & Responsibilities

Chair & Vice Chair

A Chair and Vice Chair will be elected from Task Force members at the first meeting to preside over meetings. The Chair of the Task Force shall be a Regional Councillor. The Vice Chair of the Task Force shall be nominated from the remaining membership.

It is the role of the Chair to preside over LTCTF meetings so that its business can be carried out efficiently and effectively, and to act as a liaison between the Task Force and Regional Council.

It is the role of the Vice Chair to preside over LTCTF meetings in the absence of the Chair and to perform any other duties delegated by the Chair or as assigned by the Task Force through a majority vote.

Committee Members

All LTCTF members, including the Chair and Vice Chair, have the responsibility to help achieve the LTCTF's Mandate and Goals/Purposes. All members of the task force are participating because of their interest and expertise, and all have an equal role in participating.

Committee members are also responsible for:

  • Reviewing meeting materials in advance of the meetings and arrive prepared to provide a broad perspective on the issues under consideration
  • Working diligently to complete assigned activities
  • Engage with stakeholders in a responsible and respectful manner
  • Keeping matters of the Task Force confidential
  • Resolve issues in a professional and respectful manner


Members who miss three unauthorized consecutive meetings shall be deemed to have resigned from the Committee and will be notified of this in writing by the Committee Chair.

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