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To assist with evaluating submissions to the Niagara Investment in Culture program, Niagara Region is soliciting applications from qualified members of the community to form a pool of potential adjudicators.

If accepted, potential adjudicators will agree to have their names in the pool for three years.

Each year, depending on the origin and nature of program applications, up to five adjudicators will be selected from the pool to serve as part of that year's evaluation and selection panel.

Adjudicator Tasks

The panel will evaluate and rank program applications for that year as part of the selection and approval process to determine recipients. As a an adjudicator, you will:

  • Attend meetings as scheduled, and other meetings which may be called in pursuit of panel deliberations or program needs when possible (approximately 4 - 6 meetings, occurring December to March)
  • Review and rank Niagara in Culture applications based on provided criteria
  • Advise on award recipients and amounts
  • Provide program feedback

At the end of the three-year term in the pool, regardless of whether they have been chosen to serve on a selection panel, potential adjudicators will be welcome to reapply to serve in the pool.

Selection Criteria

Applicant names will be selected by Niagara Region staff, who will consider the following:

  • Eligibility:
    • 18 years of age or older
    • Resides within Niagara
    • Has cultural sector experience
  • Availability
  • Areas of expertise
  • General conflicts of interest
  • General experience
  • Experience of Niagara culture sector
  • Diversity (cultural disciplines, geographic location)

Note: All qualified and interested people are encouraged to apply for the pool regardless of their affiliation with an organization or municipality which may be submitting a grant application. Adjudication panel members will be vetted depending on conflicts of interest each year.

Application Deadline - Friday, Sept. 9, 2016

Complete an online application for the adjudication pool.

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