Flooding in Niagara

Current Flood Status: The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority monitors water levels and flood warnings in Niagara.

Before a Flood

Take these following actions to help prevent flooding and loss of property:

Staying Safe During a Flood

There are several steps residents can during a flood to stay as safe as possible:

  • Avoid flood waters - do not touch, walk or drive through waters
  • Turn off utilities - ensure your gas, water and hydro are turned off at their main source. Do not disconnect if there is water present
  • Stay connected to local radio and other media (online, social media) - these outlets will provide up-to-date weather, safety and evacuation information
  • Report flooding - make sure your city, town or township is aware of backed-up sewers in your area

Recovering After a Flood

After a flood, the following steps should be considered:

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