Freedom of Information Requests: Exemptions and Appeals

Requests for information may be denied if the information contains confidential information.

Mandatory exemptions

Access to a record will be denied if the record contains:

  • Information received in confidence from another government
  • Financial or commercial information supplied in confidence where providing the information could harm the interests of another party
  • Personal information about individuals other than yourself if the disclosure would constitute an unjustified invasion of personal privacy

Discretionary exemptions

Access to the requested record can be denied by Niagara Region if it contains:

  • Draft by-laws and records of closed meetings of Council or its committees
  • Advice or recommendations of an employee or consultant
  • Law enforcement matters
  • Information that could harm the financial or other interests of Niagara Region
  • Information under solicitor-client privilege, such as legal advice
  • Information which could endanger the health or safety of an individual
  • Information already available to the public through another means or soon to be published

Appealing our decision to deny

If your Freedom of Information request is denied, you can file an appeal with the Province within 30 days of the decision.

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