Cheryl Ganann

West Lincoln

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Data Preview

Account DescriptionAmountExpense DescriptionJournal DateSupplierVoucher Description
Cell phone$122.10Mar-244/10/2024  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$36.75Regional Council March 21, 20244/10/2024  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$36.75Committee of the Whole March 7, 20244/10/2024  
Registration fees$77.20State of the Region March 27, 20243/25/2024US Bancorp Canada Co.EVENTBRITE/2024STATEOF
Cell phone$108.02 February 20243/7/2024  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$36.75Regional Council 20243/7/2024  
Cell phone$108.02Jan-241/31/2024  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$36.75Special Regional Council January 11, 20241/31/2024  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$36.75Planning & Economic Development Committee January 10, 20241/31/2024  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$32.96Travel to and from Niagara Transit Commission12/31/2023  

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