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Bea Kenny, Acting Regional Council Member

Bea Kenny

Acting Councillor - Port Colborne

125 Ost Ave.
Port Colborne, ON
L3K 4A1

Email Bea Kenny

Councillor Bea Kenny is currently appointed as an alternate member of Regional Council to fill the temporary vacancy and act in place of Mayor Maloney.

She has served as a Councillor in the City of Port Colborne for 18 years and is currently Deputy Mayor.

Her parents taught her at an early age that if you want to be part of the community, you must get involved and this is her commitment to you, the citizens.

She sits on many different committees with dedicated citizens who only have the well-being of the community in mind. Her community involvement includes the Lions Annual Food Drive, Canal Days and Flavours. She is an active member of All Saints Anglican Church and helps with many outreach programs associated there.

She has been married to Wayne for forty-one years and they have two grown children and five grandchildren, who all reside in the City of Port Colborne. Her husband is retired and she is casually employed as a patient registration clerk with the NHS.

Councillor Kenny believes being elected is like signing a contract between herself and the citizens of her ward and the Niagara Region. She pledges dedication, commitment, honesty, and a resolve to get the job done. She will continue to deliver well thought out decisions with you, the taxpayer, in mind.

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