Public Works Committee Agenda - Feb. 21, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012
9:30 a.m. Council Chamber
Regional Headquarters
2201 St. David's Road
Thorold, Ontario

Public Meeting

1. Public Participation Meeting on Proposed Change to the Garbage Tag Fee in the Fees and Charges By-law

Items for Consideration

PW 19-2012Review of Garbage Tag Fee
PW 20-2012Proposed All Way Stop Control
Intersection of Regional Road 10 (Casablanca Blvd.) and Regional Road 39 (North Service Road)
Town of Grimsby
PW 22-2012Combined Sewer Overflow Cost Sharing Program 2012 Funding Recommendations
PW 23-2012Reduced Load Restrictions on Regional Roadways
Jan. 17, 2012Transportation Strategy Steering Committee

Motions Contained for Approval:

That Report TSSC 9-2012, January 17, 2012, respecting Escarpment Crossing Study (EA) Terms of Reference, be received as amended;

That the attached Terms of Reference for the Escarpment Crossing Study be approved;

That a Request for Proposals for the Escarpment Crossing Study be released following the approval of the Terms of Reference and the Budget Initiation report;

That the number of Phases of the Escarpment Crossing Study awarded in 2012, be based on the availability of Capital Funds;

That staff include the evaluation criteria (complete with percentages) and Regional Council’s September 15, 2011 motion respecting the significant changes to provincial policy and the need for a new Class Environmental Assessment for a new or improved escarpment crossing which would be designed for commercial traffic and mitigate the negative impacts to motorists and local residents to Report TSSC 9-2012; and

That staff extend the study area north and east/west to include the Niagara GTA corridor.

Consent Items for Information

3. That the following reports and correspondence items be received for information:

PW 21-2012 Request for Review of Remediation Options under Niagara Region Combined Sewer Overflow Funding Policy
PWC 9-2012 Letter from Town of Pelham to Kevin Bain, Re: Private Sector Remediation Under the Region of Niagara Combined Sewer Overflow Funding Policy

4. Other Business

5. Closed Session

6. Next Meeting: Tuesday, Mar. 6, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. in Council Chamber.

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