Niagara Gateway Economic Zone and Centre Implementation Committee - Terms of Reference

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Frequency of Meetings

As determined by Committee Chair


Planning and Development Committee and Public Works Committee


A Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson will be elected by the Implementation Committee members for an appointment of a two year term, at which time the chair or alternate will be subject to change or re-appointment following the Region's Procedural By-Law.

The role of the Implementation Committee Chair is as follows:

  • Provide leadership and ensures the effective functioning of the Implementation Committee
  • Build consensus through team management
  • Act as a designated spokesperson for the Implementation Committee at public or official functions and with the media
  • Represent the NGEZC Implementation Committee's interests at Planning and Development Committee and Regional Council
  • Approve the agenda meeting notes and meeting dates in discussion with staff support
  • Provide feedback on any required reports and documentation

Implementation Committee Members

  • Review meeting materials in advance of the meetings and arrive prepared to provide a broad perspective on the issues at hand
  • Submit agenda items to the Chair and staff a minimum of one week prior to the meeting date whenever possible
  • Make every effort to attend regularly scheduled meetings. If not available, notify the Chair and Legislative Assistant on inability to attend (regular absence by members will be addressed by protocols established through the Clerk's office)
  • Agree to describe, process and resolve issues in a professional and respectful manner
  • Provide input to help identify future projects or strategic priorities for future years work
  • Communicate activities of the NGEZC Implementation Committee to groups or individuals who may have interest and offer information back to the Implementation Committee from the community

Term of Office, Recruitment, and Replacement

The term of membership of the NGEZC Implementation Committee shall be four years coinciding with Regional Council's elected term of office. The membership shall be approved by Regional Council.

Meetings and Operational Conditions

Quorum will be comprised of half the membership including the Chair or Vice-chair. Schedule meetings shall be held at least four times a year and may be more frequent as necessary or at the call of the Chair.

Procedural By-Law

Implementation Committee meetings will be governed by Regional Council's Procedural By-law for governing the proceedings of Regional Council and its Committees, the conduct of its members and the calling of meetings as amended.

Staff Support - Record of Proceedings

The staff appointed to provide support to the NGEZC Implementation Committee shall record meeting notes of the meetings and circulate them to the membership prior to the next meeting of the Implementation Committee. Minutes of Implementation Committee meetings shall be included on the Planning and Development Committee meeting agendas with notations for motions or approval.

Technical Support

The NGEZC Implementation Committee shall receive technical support from staff for tasks and projects initiated by the Implementation Committee. It is recognized, however, that staff time and level of participation will be dependent on other departmental priorities and budgeting.

Staff Policy Advice

Staff representation at meetings will include the Commissioners or their delegates, as appropriate; from Public Works and Planning and Development departments. The role of staff will be to provide background and advice on development charge policy and related issues.

Amendments to the Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the NGEZC Implementation Committee shall be reviewed in tandem with the Regional Council's elected term of office at a minimum, every four years. Changes to the Terms of Reference shall be approved by Regional Council.

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