Niagara Gateway Economic Zone & Centre Implementation Committee

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By-law No. 59-2012


To maintain oversight responsibility for the implementation work related to the Niagara Gateway Economic Zone and Centre.


To ensure that appropriate linkages are identified and made among the various and diverse components of the implementation.

Guiding Principals

The Niagara Gateway Economic Zone and Centre will be a model environment under the Provincial Growth Plan that fully takes advantage of its superior quality of life. It will be recognized as unique by all levels of government with the necessary support and initiatives to make it sustainable, economically diverse, with superior tourist facilities including transit and a natural environment that has been maintained and enhanced.

The Gateway Economic Zone and Centre will represent a Centre of excellence for integrated multi-nodal assets (road, rail, marine) and a major area through which cross border traffic and goods movement continues to grow. The area in which the Gateway Economic Zone and Centre is situated will abound with job opportunities in key economic clusters including tourism, gaming, agriculture, aerospace, logistics, food processing, health, bio-sciences, green technologies, and interactive media.

Fully serviced and attractive employment lands will be protected for future growth and the linkages that will be formed between the educational sector and the private sector will ensure that labour requirements are met and an entrepreneurial and innovative environment continues to grow.

Success Criteria

  • Achieve broad recognition for Niagara as a national gateway
  • Implementation of key tax incentives in partnership with federal and provincial partners Key investment priorities identified and evaluated with infrastructure funding commitments made
  • Significant (target to be set) employment growth
  • Improved assessment growth (target to be set)
  • Maintenance of key architectural design features
  • Gateway Community Improvement Plan (CIP) established

2011 Deliverables

  • CIP completion
  • Assessment of key incentives (external support)
  • Implement recommended incentives - Development Charges/Smart Growth
  • Identify plans for incentives that may need legislative change
  • Niagara Week Preparation - identification of key asks for Gateway
  • Evaluation of priority infrastructure investment required (Dillon)
  • Update to Regional Official Plan to reflect Gateway Infrastructure

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