Humberstone Landfill Site Public Liaison Committee - Membership

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The Public Liaison Committee shall be composed of the following voting members:

  • A maximum of six members representing residents, institutions or businesses of the area surrounding the Humberstone Landfill Site.
  • One Area Municipal Councillor from any ward within the municipality in which the landfill site is located. If the landfill site is adjacent to the boundary with a neighbouring municipality, then one additional Area Municipal Councillor from the neighbouring municipality may be appointed to the Committee.
  • One Regional Councillor

The Public Liaison Committee shall also include the following non-voting advisory members:

  • One staff member from the Niagara Region who shall be the designated Committee Coordinator.

In addition, other Niagara Region staff and representatives from the Ministry of the Environment, the Niagara Escarpment Commission (if the landfill site is located within the Commission's Planning Area) and other relevant agencies may attend meetings depending on need and the issues to be resolved.

For more information on the Humberstone Landfill Site Public Liaison Committee, please read the committee's Terms of Reference.

Committee Membership

Regional Councillors

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