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A number of Council members have recently put forward an extensive series of inquiries regarding existing oversight measures and internal Regional processes as they relate to the Burgoyne Bridge Replacement project. In light of increased Council member interest in this project, a mechanism to allow for further oversight and a direct means of inquiry regarding the Burgoyne Bridge Replacement project is proposed at this time.


The Burgoyne Bridge Replacement Project Taskforce, established in accordance with the following terms of reference by Niagara Regional Council, is a body mandated to provide Council with further understanding of the Burgoyne Bridge Replacement Project – from the processes and work completed to date until the natural completion of the project – through more regular reporting mechanisms as determined by the taskforce. This includes the ability by the taskforce to obtain any and all materials or correspondence relating to the Burgoyne Bridge Replacement Project.

It is also within the Taskforce’s mandate to request further oversight abilities from Council if it deems it necessary.


  • To provide further oversight of the project through the receipt of reports on the progress of the Burgoyne Bridge Replacement Project on an ongoing basis.
  • To provide to Regional Council a full and comprehensive understanding of the project’s chronology and of the entire process used by the Niagara Region
  • Reporting Structure

    The Burgoyne Bridge Replacement Project Taskforce will report directly to Regional Council.


    Membership for the Taskforce shall not exceed 7 members of Council. Membership for the Taskforce shall include:

  • The Regional Chair - The Chair, or Vice Chair, of the Public Works Committee
  • The Chair, or Vice Chair, of the Corporate Services Committee
  • The Mayor of the City of St. Catharines
  • Three (3) at large Council Representatives
  • Chair and Vice Chair

    The Chair and Vice Chair shall be elected by its members as the first order of business during the inaugural meeting of the taskforce.


    Administrative support shall be provided from the Office of the Clerk.


    A meeting schedule shall be determined by the Taskforce Chair and Vice-Chair in consultation with the taskforce members.

    Meetings shall be governed by the Region’s Procedural By-Law as it relates to the calling, place, proceedings and rules surrounding quorum for the meetings of Council and Committees.

    Termination of Taskforce

    The Taskforce shall be terminated upon completion of its review of the final documents relating to the completion of the project in its entirety.

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