Humberstone Landfill Site Public Liaison Committee

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The Humberstone Landfill Site Public Liaison Committee is an advisory committee to Niagara Region Council reporting through the Waste Management Planning Steering Committee, an arm of the Public Works Committee, on matters related to the Humberstone Landfill Site in the City of Welland and other related matters associated with the operations of the landfill site.


Its purpose is to assist Niagara Region in its efforts to:

  • Provide a route for ongoing public input into Regional studies that could impact on the operations and use of the Humberstone Landfill Site.
  • Identify and address any impacts of the Humberstone Landfill Site, including those that may arise after closure, on the surrounding community and, if possible, develop measures to mitigate these impacts; and
  • Examine and comment on site operations, monitoring programs, closure and end use plans.

Typically the meetings are held at the "call of the chair" (at least on a quarterly basis) and are held either at Welland City Hall or a location close to the landfill.

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