Most Requested By-laws


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Most Requested By-laws

Budget (2017)

  • By-law No. 2017-63
    A by-law to define budget control for the Regional Municipality of Niagara

  • By-law No. 80-2016
    A by-law to adopt the 2017 capital budget for the Regional Municipality of Niagara

  • By-law No. 81-2016
    A by-law to adopt the 2017 operating budget and tax levy for the Regional Municipality of Niagara

Councillors' Expenses

  • By-law No. 2017-99
    A by-law to provide for the reimbursement of expenses of the members of Council for the Regional Municipality of Niagara

Document Execution

  • By-law No. 09-2016
    A by-law to govern the execution of documents and to delegate certain administrative powers and duties to staff and to repeal of By-law 126-2011

Regional Development Charges

  • By-law No. 2017-98
    A by-law to establish development charges for the Regional Municipality of Niagara and to repeal By-law No. 62-2012 (Comes into effect Novmeber 16, 2017)

  • By-law No. 02-2014
    A by-law to delegate Regional Council's power to hold hearings under the development charges act, 1997

  • Procedures For Payment

Establish Standing Committees

Fees And Charges

  • By-law No. 82-2016
    A by-law to establish fees and charges for services and activities provided by the Regional Municipality of Niagara and for the use of its property and to repeal By-law 103-2015 and By-law 32-2016


  • By-law No. 120-2010
    A by-law to govern the calling, place and proceedings of the meetings of Council and its committees as amended by By-law No. 49-2011; By-law No. 124-2011; By-law No. 11-2012; By-law No. 38-2012; By-law No. 06-2013 (now repealed); By-law No. 109-2013; By-law No. 130-2013; By-law No. 133-2013; By-law No. 01-2014; By-law No. 46-2014; By-law No. 58-2014; By-law No. 94-2014; By-law No. 55-2015, and; By-law No. 65-2015


  • By-law No. 02-2016
    A by-law to define the procurement policies and procedures for the Regional Municipality of Niagara, and to repeal By-law 95-2014

Records Retention

  • By-law No. 63-2013
    A by-law to provide for the classification, retention and destruction of records of the Regional Corporation

Sewer Use

  • By-law No. 27-2014
    A by-law To Regulate Discharges To The Sanitary And Storm Sewer Systems Of The Regional Municipality Of Niagara And To Repeal By-Law No. 47-2008

Signs, Notices and Advertisting

  • By-law No. 122-2013
    A by-law To Prohibit A Person To Place Or Permit To Place A Sign Other Than An Official Sign Or A Sign Permitted By This By-Law On A Regional Road


  • By-law No. 22-2002
    A by-law regulating the smoking of tobacco in public places and workplaces

  • By-law No. 112-2013
    A Regional by-law to protect children and vulnerable persons from exposure to outdoor second-hand smoke

    For more information on local regulations and enforcement, visit our Public Health site, or call the Tobacco Hotline at 905-688-8248 or 1-888-505-6074 ext. 7393.

    For more information for provincial regulations, such as the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, visit the Ministry of Ontario site.

Tax Capping

  • By-law No. 2017-67
    A by-law to provide to the area municipalities the claw back percentages to be used for each capped class

Tax Rates

  • By-law No. 2017-34
    A by-law to set and levy the rates of taxation for regional general and special purposes for the year 2017

Tax Ratios and Tax Rate Reductions

  • By-law No. 2017-33
    A by-law to set tax ratios and tax rate reductions for prescribed property subclassess for regional purposes and area municipal purposes for the year 2017

Tree And Forest Conservation

  • By-law No. 30-2008
    A by-law to prohibit or regulate the harvesting, destruction or injuring of trees in woodlands in the Regional Municipality of Niagara and to repeal by-law 8541-96, as amended

Waste Management

  • By-law No. 2017-56
    A by-law to regulate the use of the Solid Waste Management system for the Regional Municipality of Niagara.
  • For more information and by-law enforcement, visit Waste Management, or call 905-356-4141 or 1-800-594-5542.

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