Where does the money come from?

Niagara Region's $1 billion budget includes the:

  • Operating levy budget - $714.4 million
  • Operating rate budget - $165.6 million
  • Capital budget - $164.6 million


Operating Levy Budget

The operating levy budget pays for the daily business of the Niagara Region and its boards and agencies. This budget pays for programs and services, including the staff to deliver those services, supplies and repayment of debt for major projects. The operating levy budget is paid for by Regional property taxes.


Operating Rate Budget

The operating rate budget pays for rate based services such as waste management, curbside collection, recycling and landfill sites, water and waste water treatment, biosolids management and lab services. Costs for these services are charged to municipalities based on usage (water and wastewater) and number of households (waste management).

Waste Management


Water and Wastewater


Capital Budget

The capital budget pays for the maintenance of aging infrastructure and construction of new projects. Capital assets include things like roads, water treatment plants, sewers, buildings, machinery and equipment.



Revenues have been rounded to the nearest hundred thousand and percentages to the nearest whole number. Rounding may result in some revenue source discrepancies with the overall budget total. The overall total budgets are accurate.

For budget details, see the 2015 Budget Book.

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