Rate Budget

Each year, the Region prepares two budgets: the capital and operating budgets. Within the operating budget, we have the rate budget, which includes two types of services:

  • Waste management, which includes your weekly garbage, recycling and organics collection and processing, and landfill operations. Waste management services are included on a resident’s property tax bill and the cost generally depends on the level of service and number of customers within their municipality.
  • Water and wastewater services, which include the cost of water and wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, pipes and other infrastructure.

The Region sells water to the municipalities at a rate of 25 per cent for fixed cost and 75 per cent based on projected usage. The municipalities buy the treated water at a wholesale rate from the Region and then resell it to their residents.

Residents receive a water bill directly from their area municipality.

Watch this video to learn more.


Less Water Consumption = Higher Rates

A decrease in consumption (from conservation efforts or rainy summers) means the amount of money charged per litre has to increase to cover the fixed costs. To recoup these costs, the water rate increases.


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