This list provides definitions of acronyms used in relation to the budget.

ABDAllocation between Departments
AMPAsset Management Plan
ARLAnnual Repayment Limit
AWDAllocation within Departments
CAMP Capital Asset Management Policy
CSOCombined Sewer Overflow
CVACurrent Value Assessment
CVRCapital Variance Reserve
DC Development Charge
F/X Foreign Exchange
FTE Full Time Equivalent
GBA Gross Budget Adjustment
IO Infrastructure Ontario
KPI Key Performance Indicator
MPAC Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
MY Multi-year
NPCA Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
NRH Niagara Regional Housing
NRPS Niagara Regional Police Service
PFA Program Financial Analyst
PIL Payments in Lieu of Taxes
POA Provincial Offences Act
PSAB Public Sector Accounting Board
ROI Return on Investment
S&P Standard & Poor's rating agency
SAEO Social Assistance and Employment Opportunities
SF Sinking Fund
SNIP Smarter Niagara Incentive Program
TCA Tangible Capital Asset
TIG Tax Increment Grant
WIP Work in Progress
YTD Year to Date
YTM Yield to Maturity
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