2010 Regional Budget: Zero Per Cent Increase for Residents

Niagara Region passed its 2010 operating budget of $282.5 million on Feb. 11, 2010.

This means Niagara residents will not see a Regional tax increase in 2010.

Regional Council recognized that it is a critical time for our region and they must do everything possible to protect the programs and services that Niagara residents have come to rely on.

2010 Budget Documents

Highlights of the 2010 Budget

The 2010 operating budget incorporates a number of initiatives and services designed to improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of the Region. These initiatives include:

  • $3.1 million for enhancements to Niagara Emergency Medical Services in Fort Erie and Port Colborne to ensure adequate emergency services coverage in these areas as a result of their conversions to urgent care centres
  • Additional investment to respond to people who have lost their jobs and those who are waiting for affordable housing
  • Investment to support programs for school resource police officers and domestic violence prevention
  • Providing a Community Services budget that allows the Region to support an increased volume of Niagara residents through the economic downturn
  • Strengthening Emergency Management integration across municipalities
  • Implementing changes to the waste management level of service in order to meet 65 per cent diversion rates
  • Investing in studies to determine the need for inter-municipal transit
  • Updating the Memorandum of Understanding between the Region and the 12 municipalities for improving the planning system in Niagara
  • Investing funds to implement the Drinking Water Quality Management standards, required for the Safe Drinking Act
  • Funding to deal with the local infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer for trees on Regional roads
  • Providing sustainable funding for the Niagara Specialized Transit
  • A reorganization of the Region's facilities and properties area to better manage exiting building needs and plan for future needs.

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